Group Companys

HQ: Kilim Group 

HQ located in Bayrampaşa / Istanbul.  Top management team of Kilim Group, Sales & Marketing Department of Kilim Group, Supply & Logistics Department and Quick Service Stocks are located in Bayrampaşa.


Spinning & Weaving & Dyeing Milss 

 Kartaltepe plant is located in Edirne, very close to Greece and Bulgaria border. This plant is vertically integrated in contracted and denim business from cotton fibre to fabric. There are mills in this plants blowing rooms, ring and open-end spinning mill, weaving mill for contracted business, rope dyeing mill for denim business, weaving mill for denim business, dyeing and finishing mill for contracted business, dyeing and finishing mill for denim business.


Spinning & Garment Milss

Kilim Mensucat located also in Edirne city in Havsa village. This plant has 3 different mills;

Garment Making Mill produces contracted business uniforms. The supplier of Havsa mill is Kartaltepe Plant.  Therefore, with the power of this mill Kilim Group becomes fully vertical integrated mill from fibre to uniform.

Spinning Mill produces intimate blend yarns to supply Kartaltepe Mills. This plant is able to produce cotton-polyester, cotton-polyamide, polyester-viscose blends.

Worsted Spinning Mill produces wool blended yarn for jersey fabrics and wollen fabrics for contracted business


Dyeing Milss

Hamle Tekstil is the dyeing & finishing mill for contracted business. Hamle mill built to supply contracted and fashion business dyeing & finishing of fabric not only Kilim Group request, also other textile manufacturers dyeing & finishing orders as well.