It is a concept that was created by using a combination of earth, stone and green. These are clothes used in military bases and land area. Land series clothing consists of different uniforms varying between 180 g / m2 and 270 gr / m2. Air permeability of these uniforms can be higher in summer series and lower in winter type products. The main idea of Land concept is, to present effective products for different climate conditions.



Composition : 100% cotton
Fabric : Gabardine
Width : 150 cm
Weight : 270 gr/m2
Area of use : Military and police uniforms

Army Bag

Composition : 100% polyamid
Fabric : Plain
Width : 160 cm
Weight : 340 gr/m2
Area of use : Asker-Polis bag

Cotton / Pes Shirt

Composition : 65% cotton 35% pes.
Fabric : Gabardine
Width : 150 cm
Weight : 1 gr/m2
Area of use : Soldier and police shirts