Kilim Group proceeds its way with 2.500 tons/month in yarn production and 2.000.000 m./month capacity in weaving with its modernized machinery with the latest technologies.

In yarn production, Ring and Open End machinery produces yarns in 80.000 tons/year with cotton, cotton-polyester, cotton-nylon, cotton-viscon, cotton-elastane and slup variations with OpenEnde and bobbin yarn machinery. Afterwards, dyeing procedure is carried out in different variations according to customer demands and fashion trends in rope dyeing machines in Indigo section. Yarns completing its dyeing phase are dispatched to weaving unit following re-beaming and sizing procedures.
Weaving procedure of cotton and cotton mixed yarns in dobby and cam looms having the latest technology is completed as raw fabric and denim fabric.

Fabrics whose weaving procedure has been completed are now ready for finishing . Fabrics subject to preliminary preparation for over dyeing procedure in continuous bleaching machines complete reactive, pigment, indantrene and disperse and in 12 coloured print machines. (Pad-Batch, Termex and Pad Steam).
Fabrics whose production has been completed are subject to finish types such as silicone softeners, water repellent, non-creasing, anti-bacterial , in laboratories having the modern and latest technology.