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Latest News

  • Official permits have been obtained for our 4MWe solar energy project, which will meet 25% of our factory's electricity needs. The project aims to reduce 3400 tonnes of CO2.
  • Preparations for STEP by OEKOTEX Certification have been completed and the audit process will begin.
  • Documentation work has started for SA:8000 Social Compliance Certification.
  • SA 8000 is an international certification standard that encourages organizations to develop, maintain and implement socially acceptable practices in the workplace.
  • Kilim Uniform became the only approved manufacturer in the world for the Dutch and Belgian military uniforms to be produced using the camouflage pattern designed by the Dutch government.The outfits were presented with a military ceremony.
  • Kilim Uniform was selected as the manufacturer of the British Royal Navy project and started to produce the clothes. *Due to a confidentiality agreement, there are no images of the products.
  • Kilim Uniform collaborates with Aksa on their 'Everfresh' project.
According to the statement made by Aksa Akrilik, the company's "Everfresh" branded textile product offers a solution to the hygiene expectations of consumers with its permanent antimicrobial feature, and draws attention with its harmless nature and environmental friendliness. While "Everfresh" has a strong antimicrobial effect thanks to the zinc ion technology used in the product during its production, it prevents the formation of harmful bacteria, mold and fungus with this feature.

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